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Hi there, welcome to my music page!

Here you find free sheet music and scores. I hope that you enjoy playing my pieces. Everything is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence, so you are free to play, to record and transmit, to copy or to modify my stuff as long as you don't earn money with it. If you like my music, you might want to visit my SoundCloud page - and remember: your comments and likes are always much appreciated :)

All PDF files were made with MuseScore, a great open source music notation software.

Piano music

Harmony for the Quietude nr. 1 (download PDF score / free sheet music)

Accordion music

Valse à l'honneur du Printemps (download PDF score / free sheet music)

Balkamusette (download PDF score / free sheet music)

My Father's music

La Cattedrale - I - Musica L. Bourgois (download PDF score / free sheet music)

La Cattedrale - II - Thema Genève (download PDF score / free sheet music)

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